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New Release Spotlight: When Love Calls by Sharon C. Cooper

Title: When Love Calls
Author: Sharon C. Cooper
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Jenkins Family & Friends Novella
Release Day: January 19, 2018

Mona Lisa Gregory is ready to live her best life. She's moving on after thirty-five years of dating one man. Scrapping the holy matrimony fantasy, a carefree and no-strings-attached passion is her new obsession. But her perfect plan has one hiccup. Dexter Jenkins.
Dex is an old-school guy who believes in falling in love with one woman and living happily-ever-after. He once had it all. A great job. Money in the bank. A happy, thirty-year marriage. He lost everything he held dear after one unfortunate accident. Guilt plagued him for years, but he has finally forgiven himself. Now he’s ready to give love a try again.
Mona is not looking for long-term. But Dexter is unwilling to ignore the fierce passion they share whenever he holds her in his arms. He will do whatever it takes to make her the next Mrs. Jenkins. But will secrets from his past and her former lover keep them from having the life they deserve? Or will their love be strong enough to withstand every obstacle placed in their way?

Back to my original question. Would you like to go and see the latest Morgan Freeman movie with me?”
She snapped her finger. “That’s who you sound like. I’ve been puzzling my brain since the first time you spoke to me trying to figure out who you sound like. That deep, sensual baritone is just like Morgan Freeman’s.”
A slow smile spread across Dexter’s lips. “Sensual, huh?” Over the years, people had often commented on the deepness and the power behind his voice. But hearing Mona call his voice sensual had him sticking his chest out, feeling as if he could conquer the world.
Mona opened her mouth, but nothing came out and she shut it. That shyness he’d witness more often than not was back and so was her adorable smile.
Deciding not to pick on her, he asked, “So, how about a movie?”
Right now.”
The movie starts in thirty minutes.”
She glanced down at her outfit again. “I would love to go, but that doesn’t give me enough time to shower and ch—”
You look amazing, Mona. All you need to do is slip into a pair of shoes and grab a jacket.”
She twisted her bottom lip between her teeth as if seriously considering his invite.
I’ll give you three minutes,” he prompted.
Make it five and we have a deal.”
She didn’t wait for a response. Instead she rushed to the back of the condo. Exactly five minutes later she returned. She had pulled her hair into a ponytail at the nape of her neck, added gloss to her lips, slipped into a pair of knee-high boots, and wore a short leather jacket.
Dexter grinned, impressed at the speed in which it took her to look even sexier. “You look great.”
She laughed. “We really need to get your eyes checked.”
He liked this side of her. Relaxed and carefree.
When she started to move past him, Dexter reached out and grabbed her hand. Without thinking, he pulled her to him and captured her mouth with his. She gasped, but that didn’t stop him from taking what he wanted. She kissed him back with a hunger that rivaled his, and excitement charged through his body.
He had been dreaming about kissing her again, wanting to confirm that the first time wasn’t a fluke. That he hadn’t imagined how perfect her body felt against his. Or how kissing her was like a fantasy come true.
As their tongues tangled, the kiss sang through his veins, sending blood rushing from his brain to the lower part of his body.
Nope, it hadn’t been a fluke, he thought, as Mona’s arms went around his neck, deepening their connection. The lip-lock was like a soldering heat that joined metals and Dexter never wanted to let her go.
Mona didn’t know yet, but before long she’d be all his.
Copyright © January 2018 by Sharon C. Cooper

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Award-winning and bestselling author, Sharon C. Cooper, is a romance-a-holic - loving anything that involves romance with a happily-ever-after, whether in books, movies, or real life. Sharon writes contemporary romance, as well as romantic suspense and enjoys rainy days, carpet picnics, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She’s been nominated for numerous awards and is the recipient of an Emma Award for Romantic Suspense of the Year 2015 (Truth or Consequences), Emma Award - Interracial Romance of the Year 2015 (All You’ll Ever Need), and BRAB (book club) Award -Breakout Author of the Year 2014. To read more about Sharon and her novels, visit

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Cover Reveal. Ruin by Samantha Towle

Model: Mitchell Wick
Photographer: Brian Jamie
Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs

And the new heavyweight champion of the world is...

Those are the words that Zeus Kincaid has been waiting to hear since he first put on a pair of boxing gloves. He just didn’t think they would come with a tragedy that would change how he viewed the sport forever.

Cameron Reed was in her second year at Juilliard when her childhood sweetheart, Zeus Kincaid, walked away from her. A few months later, Cam realized that she would never fulfill her dream of dancing for the New York City Ballet.

Now working as a dancer in an upscale club in Manhattan, Cam is brought face-to-face with the man she once loved. And it’s her turn to walk away from him.

After five years of missing Cam, Zeus isn’t prepared to let her go again. But when he finds himself standing on her doorstep the next morning, things don’t go quite as he expected…

You’ll be smitten with everything about this entertaining, steamy and feel-good romance’ USA Today’s Happy Ever After on Breaking Hollywood

RUIN will have a special pre-order price of $0.99 (this is the only time it will be on sale). 
Price will rise to $3.99 on release day.

SAMANTHA TOWLE is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. She began her first novel in 2008 while on maternity leave. She completed the manuscript five months later and hasn’t stopped writing since.

She is the author of contemporary romances, The Storm Series and The Revved Series, and stand-alones, Trouble, When I Was Yours, The Ending I Want, Unsuitable, Wardrobe Malfunction, Breaking Hollywood, Under Her and Sacking the Quarterback, which was written with James Patterson. She has also written paranormal romances, The Bringer and The Alexandra Jones Series. All of her books are penned to the tunes of The Killers, Kings of Leon, Adele, The Doors, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, Lana Del Rey, and more of her favorite musicians.

A native of Hull and a graduate of Salford University, she lives with her husband, Craig, in East Yorkshire with their son and daughter.

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Question:  When reading a mass paperback book, many people fold the cover back, as if they were reading a magazine. Doing this will eventually create creases in the spine. How do you feel about this common bookish habit?

Answer: I'm not bothered because a creased book is a book that has been read and hopefully loved. I know they don't look as tidy on a bookshelf but surely they are there to be enjoyed? Also, it can be difficult reading a brand new paperback and you need the break the spine to make it feel better in your hands?  That's my excuse and a habit I'll continue.

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New Release Spotlight: Effortless by Bethany Kris

Falling in love should be effortless. …

🍂EFFORTLESS🍂, A Legacy Novel 
by Bethany-Kris 

Camilla Donati doesn’t do relationships—it’s just not her thing. She wants a fun time, not a long time. She might be exactly what Tommaso Rossi needs to make his vacation from the responsibilities as a Capo, a break worth taking.

He didn’t expect to find a woman like her with a mind full of filth.

She didn’t expect a man who would shatter all of her rules with only a grin.

Chicago keeps calling Tommaso home, and further out of reach from the one thing he wants more than ever. Camilla’s restless heart keeps getting in the way even when it’s stuck between what is, and what could be.
This should have been easy.
It didn’t have to be messy.

Falling in love is effortless.
It’s people who make it hard.

Effortless: A Legacy Novel is a standalone contemporary erotic romance.

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By the time Camilla got back inside the house, and found Zeke waiting with her safe glass of wine, she caught sight of her brother coming through the front door.
Cross, and someone else.
She only figured the guy had come with her brother because Cross chatted with him as the two navigated the people together.
Camilla didn’t have a clue who he was, but the guy was gorgeous.
Tall. Lean. Blue-eyed. Dark-haired. Strong features. Sharp lines.
Physically, he wasn’t anything to scoff at. She didn’t care how bold it seemed of her to look him over while she had the chance. If the guy didn’t want to be looked at like he was something she wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of, he shouldn’t look that fucking good walking across a goddamn floor.
Who was he?
Long fingers like he played an instrument, maybe. Or maybe like his fingers were built to play something a little more sinful. Built like he could run a ten-k without losing a breath. A half-smile that spoke of an easy nature, but could probably melt panties when he turned it on a woman.
There was nothing boyish about him.
Not a damn thing.
Dressed in black slacks, black silk shirt, and black leather shoes, he looked damn good. The guy walked with a confidence she knew was probably learned. Yet, his disinterested gaze swept over the faces of the people like he didn’t give a shit who they were.
He looked like all kinds of trouble.
And a whole lot of fun.
A little cocky. A touch of arrogance. Nothing innocent about him.
Exactly Camilla’s type.
The fact the guy was Cross’s friend didn’t bother Camilla at all. That didn’t make him off-limits to her. As long as it didn’t interfere with his business, her brother didn’t give a shit. Not to mention, he never told her who she could or couldn’t sleep with, date, or otherwise.
Cross was good like that.
Who is that?” she asked Zeke while she still had the time. Soon, her brother and his friend would be too close to ask. “With Cross, I mean.”
Oh, that’s Tom. He’s spending some time in the city, I guess.”
Tommaso Rossi—Chicago.”
Camilla caught Tommaso’s gaze with her own the closer he came. His straight eyebrow cocked high as his gaze drifted over her face. He then looked over the silver, bodycon dress she had slipped on earlier.
He was a lot like her, it seemed.
Down his gaze went to her bare legs, and the Valentino rockstud black and silver heels she wore. Then his striking gray-blue gaze jumped back up to meet hers once more.
Camilla grinned, and took a sip of her wine. Her night just got way better.

Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to three young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

To keep up-to-date with new releases from Bethany-Kris, sign up to her New Release Newsletter here:

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Cover Reveal: Redeeming Lottie by Melissa Ellen

Things I never planned on happening in my life: Getting married, being a mother to a house full of kids, and returning to my small hometown of Billingsley, Texas.

I especially never planned on seeing Tucker Monroe again.
Sexy smile. Country charm.
A man and a life I left behind for a reason.

The only plan I had for myself was my career.

A buyer for one of the largest high end department stores was the only commitment I had time for. The only one I was willing to make.

Now, being left with no choice but to return to Billingsley, I’m finding it hard to remember why I left in the first place. Because all that’s on my mind is Tucker.

He is just as sexy. Just as charming.
Just as dangerous as he used to be…

iBooks     Kobo     Release Notification    

I’m the author of The Blackwood Series. I grew up as a book worm, reading anything and everything and still try to read at least a book a week. I’ve always had an active imagination. Luckily, I now have time to put it to good use into stories that are constantly swarming around in my head.

When I’m not writing, you can find me working on architecture projects, buried in a book with a glass of wine (or coffee), playing with my adorable son (I’m not partial at all…his adorableness is a fact), laughing with my hot husband (another fact), or tackling my latest DIY project (and by that I mean putting my hot husband to work).

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New Release Spotlight: Bayside Passions by Melissa Foster

Bayside Passions
Bayside Summers #2
By: Melissa Foster
Releasing Jan 10, 2018
World Literary Press
Bayside Passions

Bayside Summers series

When Emery Andrews’s best friend, Desiree, moves away, falls in love, and opens a an inn all in one summer, she feels her absence like a missing limb. Until she visits over the holidays and meets sinfully hot Dean Masters, who’s as easy on the eyes as he is to talk to. After returning home, what starts as a flurry of late-night flirtations quickly turns into a deep connection and unexpected friendship. Now, months later, Desiree offers Emery a job teaching yoga at the inn. Adventurous Emery jumps at the chance and heads for Wellfleet, Massachusetts, to reunite with her BFF and her new close friend, Dean.
After months of sharing their lives, and their secrets, over video chats and phone calls, Dean’s ready to move things to the next level. The fact that Emery seems oblivious to the sparks between them and has recently put her foot down about dating friends just means he’ll have to bide his time.
When Emery finds a naked man in her kitchen the first morning she’s there, Dean doesn’t hesitate to move her into his guest room. Maybe now Emery will see what’s right before her eyes–although that guy she’s got a date with might be a problem.

After a nice long shower, she dried her hair and threw on a pair of cutoffs and a peach tank top, all the while hoping Desiree had enjoyed amazing sex last night so she’d make one of her delicious, fancy breakfasts. She assumed Violet had had a fun night, although they hadn’t made any noise that she could remember. Could Violet have had bad sex? Maybe it really isn’t the length of the sword, but how expertly they wield it. She laughed to herself, imagining if that had been the case, Violet would have kicked his butt out of the house long before morning.
She headed over to the inn to question Desiree about long-dong naked man. Cosmos, the dog Desiree and Violet had inherited along with the house, greeted Emery at the kitchen door, yapping and trying to crawl up her legs. He was some sort of terrier mix, with pointy ears, mostly gray, wiry fur, and big brown eyes. She scooped up the scruffy pup and he licked her chin. “Hey there, matchmaker.”
Desiree’s mother had lived in the house for a few months before tricking Desiree and Violet to come out and stay there last summer. Unbeknownst to them, as part of a grand matchmaking scheme to bring Rick and Desiree together, Lizza had trained Cosmos to climb the fence and swim in the pool at Bayside Resort. It had worked so well, and Desiree was so happy, Emery almost wished Cosmos would work some magic for her.
That would take a miracle.
Not a single person in her family seemed to know how to have a lasting relationship. They were a boisterous, opinionated bunch, and because of that, she knew they were not easy partners. Her brothers were constantly flirting and rarely held their tongues. She had the not-holding-her-tongue thing down pat, and as for flirting? Well, she was pretty good in that department, too. The trouble was, several men she’d gone out with had accused her of flirting with other guys even when she wasn’t.
She stepped inside and set Cosmos on the kitchen floor. The sounds of spatulas on pans and laughter filled her ears. Desiree stood at the stove flipping pancakes. Dean, Rick, and Drake sat at the table, shirtless, their bronze physiques on display as they scarfed down breakfast. They were all athletic, but damn. Rick and Drake looked like boys next to Dean’s Adonis-like body. The way they were shoveling food into their mouths, she wondered if they’d run the entire length of the Cape. She might not find love, like Desiree had, but she knew she’d find plenty of other types of happiness here at the Cape.
Hey, Em,” Desiree said.
The guys looked up, and Rick and Drake mumbled “good morning” around their food.
Dean smiled, lifting his chin in greeting as she plucked a piece of pancake from his plate and popped it in her mouth.
Hey, doll. Sleep well?” Dean asked.
Mm-hm.” She reached around him and grabbed his coffee, helping herself to a sip. Dean intercepted the mug before she could set it back down and took a gulp. “But the naked guy in the kitchen kind of threw me for a loop.”
Dean spit coffee all over the table. “What?”
Watch it!” Drake flew from his chair, causing Cosmos to bark and setting Emery and Desiree laughing.
Jesus, Dean.” Rick brushed coffee from his chest. “What the hell?”
Dean grumbled something that sounded like “sorry,” his angry eyes locked on Emery. “What naked man?”
Desiree tossed Rick a towel and said, “There was a naked guy in Violet’s kitchen?”
Emery shrugged. “Yup. Tall guy, well hung. Des, any idea who Violet’s banging these days?”
No.” She handed Emery a plate of pancakes. “I know she has an old friend who lives in the area, but she refuses to tell me anything about him.”
Well, they didn’t make a sound, so either I slept like a log or their tryst should go down in the Guinness Book of World Records for the quietest sex ever. Do you have a tent I can borrow for the next few days?” Emery asked.
You’re staying at my place,” Dean said adamantly. He carried his plate to the sink and began scrubbing it clean.
I can’t intrude on you,” Emery said. “I’ll mess up your mojo or something.”
He turned off the water and faced her, arms crossed, jaw tight. “My mojo is already messed up, and I’m pretty sure ‘or something’ follows you everywhere you go. You can, and you will, stay with me. It’s not safe for you to be around strange naked guys.”
Think it’s safe for her to be around you?” Rick asked.
Dean glared at him.
Dean would never hurt me.” Emery sat down at the table and speared a pancake from the platter Desiree set before her. “You sure you don’t mind, big guy? It’s actually perfect, considering I can walk there,” she teased. “But I have to warn you, I’m not the neatest person, and I suck at cooking, but I’ll—”
Keep her out of your kitchen,” Desiree warned. “I’ve seen her cook. Not only will your kitchen never recover, but neither will your stomach.”
Truth,” Emery said, and ate another forkful of pancake.
I don’t need you to cook or clean. Just stay out of my gardens and we’ll be fine.” Dean glared out the window over the sink at Violet’s cottage, looking like he was strategizing World War III.
Okay, thanks. I’ll get my stuff after breakfast,” she said.
I’ll get your stuff and take it to my place while you eat,” Dean said. “I’m working in the hospital gardens today. I’ll make you a key while I’m out and text you when I get back.”
Before she could say a word, he stormed out the door.
That’s a man on a mission,” Desiree said as she sat down beside Rick.

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and new adult romance with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented–perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines.

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